Omega Optical is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of Rugate Technologies, Inc., a research and development company focused on the design, process development, and manufacturing of optical thin films. Formed in 1996, Rugate Technologies has expertise in the fabrication of narrow notch infrared filters, dual-band infrared coatings, and spectral control filters for high-efficiency thermophotovoltaic devices.

As part of the acquisition, Rugate Technologies co-founder Thomas D. Rahmlow, Jr. has joined Omega Optical in the role of Senior Scientist, bringing 30 years of experience in thin-film coating design and fabrication to Omega’s engineering team. Omega also added an E-Beam/Ion-Assist coating chamber specifically configured to MWIR and LWIR coatings.

Read the press release or visit Omega's website to learn more.


RTI's capabilities include:

  • Thin Film and Optical Coating Design
  • Deposition of Complex Thin Films
  • Front Surface Interference Filters for TPV Spectral Control
  • Process Development for Unique Thin Film Applications
  • Unique Materials Knowledge and Application
  • Metrology and Thin Film Characterization

RTI Development and Modeling Software

Rugate Technologies, Inc. uses a full suite of software and many years of experience to support filter design development and modeling.

  • Design Programs:

    • OptiLayer - OptiLayer Ltd. Optical filter design and modeling.
    • Opti-Char - OptiLayer Ltd. Used to calculate optical properties from single layers.
    • Opti-Rel - OptiLayer Ltd. Used to calculate potential errors in a measured filter.
    • Essential MacLeod - Thin Film Center, Inc. Optical filter design and modeling.
    • TFCalc - Software Spectra, Inc. Optical filter design and modeling.
    • Dispersion - Rugate Technologies, Inc. Optical filter design and modeling.
    • Uniformity - Rugate Technologies, Inc. Uniformity modeling and mask generation program.

RTI Equipment

The following equipment is featured in our current work:

  • Deposition Equipment

    • Varian 3125
    • Ulvac
    • AMS
    • Spector Alpha and Beta
  • Metrology Equipment

    Temperature Range: Ambient to 200 degrees Celcius/ambient to 77 degrees Kelvin
    Angle: 0 to 80 degrees

    • Nicolet 460 Protégé FTIR
      RTI's FTIR is equipped with an extended range beamsplitter for single scan measurements from 0.8 to 25 microns. Spectral Measurement Infrared: 0.8 to 25 microns for Transmission, Reflection, and Optical Loss 100 - (T + R).
    • Cary 5 Spectrometer
      This research grade scanning grating instrument has a spectral range of 00.15 to 3.5 microns. Spectral Measurement UV Visible: 200 to 900 nanometers for Transmission, Reflection, and Optical Loss 100 - (T + R).
    • Tropel 900
      Used to attain measurements of wafer flatness interferometrically.
    • Tencor
    • PMI Interferometer
      This Phase Modulated Interferometer has the capability to measure film stress from changes in substrate flatness.